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New Years and all that jazz

Hey there lovelies!

So… blogging for the first time, like, ever… be gentle to me?!

I don’t traditionally do new years resolutions, I don’t think there needs to be a definitive day on which everyone makes promises to themselves, or to the world through the interwebs. I believe there’s no better time than the present to make changes. So you won’t find any new years resolutions here. But…. 2014 will be my year to shine!

However, there are some goals that I have set myself of recent times.

A few months ago I decided to start seeing a personal trainer for health’s sake, this is going so well for me, but I would love it to improve further.  — The elite class my personal trainer runs have entered the March 2014 Phillip Island Tough Mudder, I’m SO excited about this you don’t understand!!

I would love to start using ALL of the sewing / knitting / crochet patterns I have in le stash before buying any more. Similarly, the fabric stash … oh the stash… It would be lovely to churn through it without adding much, if any to it. This being said, I will be participating, in some respect in THE 2014 STASHBUSTING SEWALONG hosted by Tumbleweeds In The Wind and Cation Designs. I’m not sure how I shall go with this, but the desire is there (however strong the desire for pretty new fabrics… delish..). So here goes my pledge “I, Laken of Creative Ventures, commit to shopping from my stash fabric first and foremost in 2014. I also commit to not buying any more fabric / patterns / notions except for that which is required to finish WIPs for the entire year, unless unforeseen special circumstances arise (such as a friend’s wedding in late November). I also commit to using / destashing as much of the ‘to-refashion’ stash as possible, possibly a 1 for 1 deal : 1 refashion, 1 new project, etc…” Phew, this feels like a big challenge for myself, but I think it is needed — there’s no reason to have such pretties lying around and NOT using them… Late last year it took all of my might to cut into some lovely Dolce&Gabbana viscose/elastane (I think) that cost a pretty penny (for this here bargain hunter, at least) but now I have a gorgeous dress (post to come), the joy!

I will endeavour to catalogue my projects of 2013 as much as possible, but have had a fairly disappointing realization — most makes of 2013 don’t find any more, boo!, because of the dedication to fitness… nevertheless, I will post, and hopefully get them shrunked to my current size and be super happy!

Another (fairly major) goal of mine is to find a real job asap, currently I’m working part time at a service station and my hours keep getting cut (phooey), but the dream is to drive trucks for a living! I have my HC licence and am searching high and low for an employer to give a young gal a go! I’m also part way through completing a recreational pilots licence at the local aerodrome, and would love to get back into it — but have you seen the costs? Another reason I need a real job…

I would love to connect with all the amazing craftery bloggers I’ve been following and / or reading for the past few years, and will probably end up confessing my bloggery crushes within a couple months!

Thanks for taking the time to read,

keep on truckin’

L out.