Hi there! I’m Laken, a 20-something year old young Aussie lass trying to make my space in the world. I have a very eclectic mind but whatever I set it to I don’t do half arsed-if I do it, I do it properly.

I’m a forever developing seamstress, student pilot, truck driving, fitness and health junkie.

I’ve been sewing/knitting/crocheting since I was eight (thanks Mum!) but have only in the past year or two tried to further develop my skills and am really enjoying the adventure. I love flying, find a huge thrill being in control of an aeroplane and landing a perfect landing, that’s wicked. I get a similar thrill driving trucks and am desperately trying to find someone to give me a go and pay me to drive (instead of working part time at a servo, bleurgh). I started working alongside a personal trainer July this year (’13) and would never go back. That feeling you get of building physical strength builds this amazing inner peace and strength that no other could beat. Seriously, strong body = strong mind and this here gal is loving every minute of it.

Rock on lovelies!


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