Ahoy there!

Just popping in for a quick update sans pictures.
In the past week I’ve started my contribution to the January itty bits themed sewalong, kinda… I find using the itty bits and scraps a very difficult task! I love creating big big things! But I’m trying!

I’ve made one of the pairs of pants for my lovely aunt, but forgot to photograph the darn things! Will get them in actin when she returns from her tropical holiday (lucky lady!)
I was thinking, and hoping for some advice… I’ve downloaded a Butterick print at home pattern, does anyone have any tips for putting the pages together and not going crazy? I’ve done burdastyle on

es before but they were never 82 page documents!!



Work has upped the ante for the next couple of weeks (hence the Sunday arvo quickie here!) — I’ve gone from being cut to 3 nights (18 hrs)a week to 3 nights off in 2.5 weeks. Insane.shit. Lucky i like my customers!

Training for tough mudder has upped too. That’s fun. I like to see muscle building (but not to extremes, no siree!)


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